Kari Hunt Foundation Endorsement

Today’s Public Safety Industry has become a highly complex and technological maze that takes expertise, experience, and compassion to navigate. Technology aside, it will always be the people within Public Safety that make the difference. For decades, many in the Public Safety Industry have been praised for saving lives, as should be the case. The people who rescue and give emergency treatment or protection have and will always be commended for saving lives. However, there is a sector of this industry that has been saving lives since 1968 that is hardly ever recognized.

The 911 Telecommunicator answers calls daily concerning life-threatening situations that can only be dealt with in a moment’s time. Having the knowledge to listen and comprehend, type on a keyboard, know their next move, or make the decision to find the information to deal with the situation at hand, continue to try and calm the caller down and do all of this while suppressing emotions that are all too human is an ability only a professional can display. Today, those very people, those that can save lives by instructing someone how to give CPR, to stop bleeding, move someone to fresh air because they recognize the symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning, AND take the rare 911 call that lets them help a 5-year-old with a math problem, today, those people have a voice.

 For the past nine years, I have known a man that has worked feverishly for 911 and those very people I described above. When he has a passion for something, he researches, lays out a plan, and then employs that plan with vigor. His experience in 911 started as a Dispatcher and has culminated in a career in Public Safety that covers the technological side but, more importantly, the human side. I have seen him fight for others firsthand, people he didn’t know, and seeing that inspired me to fight for what is right.

Some in the industry have known him for many years, but I’ve only known him for nine ,and I recognize his ability and dedication. His loyalty is commendable, and his professionalism is unmatched. The most important thing about this man, to me, is his friendship.

He authored a Federal Law bearing my daughter’s name and worked tirelessly for 4 ½ years to witness himself, my family, and others stand with the President of the United States when he signed that very legislation into law. Because of his abilities and experience, untold thousands will be saved because of Kari’s Law.

 If I could vote in the upcoming NENA Northeastern Regional Directors election, there would be no question in my mind about who the best person is for that role.

That person Is Mark J Fletcher, ENP, and he is my friend.
 I ask that you give him your full support.

Hank Hunt – Kari’s Dad
Founder and President of the Kari Hunt Foundation

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